11 Member Select Committee formed to formulate Standing Orders for the 19th Majlis

2 June 2019 - 7:12

News 02062019

The Second Sitting of the 19th People’s Majlis has approved a 11-member Select Committee to formulate the Standing Orders, as stipulated in Article 88 of the Constitution. Until the Standing Orders for the 19th People’s Majlis is formulated, the Majlis would follow Standing Orders passed by the 17th People’s Majlis.

Moreover, during today’s Sitting, People’s Majlis has approved Hisan Hussain, MP for Thulhaadhoo as member of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) as stipulated in Article 3 (5) of the Judicial Service Act (No. 10/2008). Hisan Hussain’s name was proposed by Ibrahim Shareef, MP for Maradhoo and seconded by Ilyas Habeeb, MP for Hulhudhoo.

Furthermore, during today’s Sitting, People’s Majlis has unanimously passed a resolution to invite Prime Minister of India, H.E. Narendra Modi to address a sitting of the Parliament during the upcoming visit to the Maldives.

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